The Old Testament makes a distinction that there are two essential types of people.

Good and evil. Wicked and Righteousness. Sadly, Modern Christians have tried to cut that essential reality from the New Testament. I suggest God still defines people the same way. The difference is our path toward righteousness is not found in the old testament Sacrifice but the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ and our walking in honor and respect of that high price. If God expected the Old Testament saints to live a good, righteous life with the blood of bulls and goats, HOW MUCH MORE should we, who have been given grace and mercy by the Blood of Jesus, seek to live an even better and more righteous life? We have grace, the baptism of the Spirit and access to the fellowship of God that far exceeds Old Testament saints. And you say you “Can’t live a good and righteous life?” I suggest you have believed a convenient lie so you can condone your disrespect for the high price Jesus paid to save you from your sins.

Let me encourage you.

Genuine faith in Jesus Christ prompts us toward repentance from our sins and draws us to live a life of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. There is an abundant overflowing life for those who will seek to walk daily with Jesus Christ.

You can be free from the condemnation of continual sinning by being led, filled and moved by the Holy Spirit of God.

There is Joy.
There is Peace. There is Purpose.

When you as a believer in Jesus Christ will drink deeply of His Grace, walk faithfully in his presence, stand solidly on His Word and Trust completely in His precious Blood.

No weapon. No Demon. No Drug. No Trial or Difficulty can destroy you. God is for you.

If you fully commit yourself to Him, you will find an army of Angels standing with you to help you overcome every obstacle.