A Question was asked, ““the mount of the valley”

For there to be a valley, there has to be a mountain.

No Mountain, no Valley.

For there to be a top, there has to be a bottom.

For there to be a full, there has to be an empty.

No wealth? No poverty

No beauty? No ashes

It is the compare and contrast of things that gives us the ability to discern and decide what we would rather have.

However, one can not choose for one to be without accepting the converse to that realty.

If there is no sin, there is no need for a savior.

The mount of the valley….

Jesus, he is the Rock,

Look to the Hills from whence cometh my help. 

Rejoice in the Valley, for if there is a Valley, there is a top to this.
There is a blessing in this.

All things work together for the good.

Step by step in this valley will be a joy and rejoicing when we get through this and top this mountain.

In Him, By Him, Through Him, 

Scott A. Phillips