Tomato Plant in a Pothole

In Jackson, Ms, there was a news article with an accompanying picture of a pothole that looks 12′ square, over half the street.

Someone with a sense of humor planted a tomato plant in the middle of it.

This is a good example of making the best out of a terrible situation.

The housing, SUVs in the picture look like this is not a poor area, but in a very poorly run city.

However, someone decided,

Some things I can’t control, they are beyond my control, but I will figure out a way to smile and maybe make someone else smile.

Mission accomplished.

We all find some part of our lives like the biggest pothole on the street of our lives. It’s glaring, in the front yard, we have to drive around it. It’s a blight.

However, we have no control.

However, we can take control of how we let it affect us.

It’s apt to recognize the scripture states, “The Fruit of the Spirit is Love.

The fruit most often is not revealed but in the worst of circumstances.