This is a stool. 

It is designed for one to rest upon.  

However for it to perform the designed purpose, one must see it in the right way and therefore use it in the right way, and in that way, it will be a blessing.

However, if it gets in the wrong position and is not seen in the proper light, it will not be a blessing.

If you turn a stool over, the wrong way, you will not find rest.

If you turn it on its side, it’s not restful, comfortable, nor will it hold up in that way.

If you take it in your hands and swing it, 

You have it all wrong.

God’s word, doctrine, principles, and absolute commands, we must understand, like a stool, they are designed to be rested upon.

Not to strive with, not to fight with, not to cause discomfort.

The foundational understanding of the ways, nature, and purpose of God and all that he has done is summarized in one word.


Everything he gives us, 

There is a purpose, 

There is a proper position, 

There is a proper orientation.

God gave us these things from love.

If we receive them with that understanding, we will find rest, purpose, and peace when we receive and utilize what God has given us.

God’s Commands.

God’s Directions.

What we find written in fine and fragile paper,

in those pages, those words in Black and White and some red, 

It’s a love letter.

God, He loves us.

He is showing us the way.

He is explaining what we need to know.

If we will receive in the way it is given.

We will live, learn, love, and thrive in His Word.

We will find rest and so many other wonderful things in our relationship with God.