Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

You don’t have to LIVE it to Know it.

A lot of people KNOW things they don’t LIVE.

During my message a few weeks ago it was quickened to me, that most of us have had a revelation of praise and worship.

We know that God inhabits our praise.
We know that worship opens up an atmosphere of faith.

However, sadly very few actually practice and live in the revelation of praise and worship.

People will go to church this morning and little more than ritual and whisper of the agreement will escape their lips, though they know God is worthy of more, they lack the desire or hunger to really give praise to God.

People know the power of prayer, and yet very little prayer has been done this week if any.

What if we all began to actually live out the revelation/understanding/knowledge that we know?

Like the smallest violin, we give the Lord our smallest praise of acknowledgment when he is worthy of our greatest glory because of his goodness to us.

If we actually lived and moved in our life of faith and worship with the astounding revelation that we have already, we would set the world on fire.

Sadly it is so much like a box of matches lost in a cabinet somewhere.

The same is true for children trained in the ways and life of faith, they may know the way they were trained but they choose not to bother or be bothered with living it.

Kids become adults and may even die as old people lost and damned for hell.

However, there is the way they were raised, there was the way they were taught, but they chose to go another way.

I pray that will not be for me or you or any of those children we sought to train.