The Truth Spoken In Love Does Guarantee People Will Love the Truth

Love is not a work of the flesh.
Love, in a biblical sense, New Testament Spirit reality, is not disciplining my mouth to be nice or polite.

Love is not a work of the flesh. Love is an outflow of the Spirit.
Love, wrapped in flesh called Peter a devil.
Love, wrapped in flesh called religious jews snakes.
Love, wrapped in flesh called secular jews gravecaves.

Love, wrapped in flesh purposely offended those not hungry.
Love, wrapped in flesh picked up a whip, turned over tables, drove away from the animals, and rebuked everyone in hearing for making merchandise/business/commercializing the gifts/grace/access to His Kingdom.

This hyper-friendly approach is fools gold.

The result is not more conversions, but rather more preachers who tell people what they want to hear.

The speaker and the hearers are sadly damned if they don’t truly repent and find the truth.
We should spend more time praying in the spirit than trying to figure out a nicer way to say a thing.

Yeah, Jesus said, “Except, cannot Enter.”
How do you take the sting out of that? Put a cherry on top?

And we know what the world did to Jesus.

Love wrapped in the flesh was rejected, denied, shamed, stripped, beaten, and hung on a cross till he/it died.

Do we think we can out Love Jesus?

Do a better job and be received and applauded?

We lost a lot of very talented, gifted, and insightful people a few years ago that ran after the consumer-friendly light show of the Catalyst marketing schtick of Cool Jesus in torn Jesus and tight t-shirts.

Most of all, I forgot to add. Friendly Jesus.

This melodic, technologically savvy, super friendly, wise beyond their year’s men, led families, children, and churches into the eternal dark night of the soul

Away from the light.
Sold the birthright.

Selling their gifts to the highest bidder and losing unspeakable connection to the heritage of revelations and miracles

For a goatee, stool and to be applauded as the wise and noble souls brave enough to leave the onerous way of the lesser Jesus their grandparents found.

Look at what they have become. By in large, watered-down baptist.

All the while they were patted on the backs and with very few peeps, given silent affirmations as they went.

Oh, yes, they have quite a crowd. A crowd of what?

Those that if they could, these insightful fellows actually grew a conscience and backbone and tried to preach the truth their fathers and grandfathers loved, those crowds would leave them faster than they left the previous cool torn jean goatee sporting preacher.

Of course, some would call this thinking religious racism.

I believe the same Holy Ghost experience that convicted sinners to leave their sin of past generations will convict sinners today.

That same conviction will winnow the crowd unless we choose to silence the voice of truth.