This was written by Pastor Jayson Pagan.

Direct from the Catholic Church; I purchased it from their website. Took a while to get here, but I bought it to help people I teach to see exactly what the definition of the “Trinity” truly is.

Most who say they believe in the Trinity DO NOT.

1. God is ONE. Not 3 in one, not 2 in One. GOD IS ONE.
2. The ONE God is SPIRIT. Not a person. Not one person, two, three, or 5. God is SPIRIT. THERE IS ONLY ONE SPIRIT.
3. The Son was born of a woman and is therefore FLESH. God was in Christ. The fullness of the Godhead dwelled IN CHRIST bodily. The Spirit was in the flesh reconciling the world to HIMSELF. In HIM deity and humanity were fused, but not confused. He assumed a human nature at the incarnation but did not cease to be God.
4. God (the Spirit) was in Christ (the flesh). Not TWO PERSONS, but TWO NATURES: A human nature (the son) and the divine nature (the Father). He often spake as God, other times he spake as a man.

The One True Almighty God (Spirit) had to get a body (flesh) so blood could be shed for the sins of man. Jesus was Christ was fully God and fully man; hence Isaiah said the Son would be called the Everlasting Father.

Most who say they believe in the Trinity do not believe what is depicted in this statue; they believe what I just cited from Scripture.