Modern thought leader Jordan Peterson released a book, 12 rules for life. Bestseller. The Ten Commandments are included in the oldest wisdom in the world; sadly, most Christians don’t know them. 

The Ten Commandments are More Important than Twelve Rules for Life.

Peterson is celebrated by some in our culture because he showed resolve not to call men women and women men. Further that men and women are very different by nature. This is hardly superhero moral clarity. It’s common sense. Peterson is celebrated for having the moral resolve to say it and not to bow to the pressure to say things he does not believe.
Most politicians in office today can’t say something quite so straightforward.

Hopefully, believers and Christian leaders are at least as clear and resolved to stand for what they believe.

Peterson’s book makes the case of living a disciplined life where one does basic housekeeping, shows respect to others and has a humble mind toward yourself. These are good rules for life.

I believe one would benefit from living by these common-sense rules. If one lives by the ten commandments, one will experience an even greater level of personal benefit that will bless everyone in your world, from your children, parents, and spouse. The one who benefits the most is the person you look at in the mirror.