The Supernatural Witness of Speaking in Tongues

By Bro Ken Raggio

I witnessed a lady speaking in tongues who was unwittingly speaking in the Arabic language. A lady standing beside her recognized the Arabic language and translated it to the congregation. In Arabic, she had been praising and thanking God for giving her PEACE. THAT was a supernatural act of God.
I witnessed a young 11-year-old boy as he was baptized in the Holy Ghost, and began speaking in other tongues. A bilingual minister standing nearby recognized the Spanish language and TRANSLATED what the boy was saying to the congregation. He was saying, “Thy WORD O Lord is the LIVING Word!” over and over again. THAT was a supernatural act of God.
A minister friend told me about his sharing a TAPE RECORDING of an Apostolic preacher preaching at a conference with a Trinitarian minister who had RESISTED being baptized in Jesus’ name. A few days later, he saw the Trinitarian preacher, who was beside himself. “I listened to your tape,” he told my friend. “At the end of the sermon, the preacher started speaking in tongues. I recognized the language he was speaking in. It was a native Indian tongue that I learned when my parents were missionaries to native Indians.” My friend was amazed, and asked him, “What did he say?”
“He told me to be baptized in the name of Jesus!” That preacher was soon baptized in Jesus’ name.
Years ago, I witnessed a message in tongues given by one of the saints in the Church I pastored. Another saint interpreted that message in tongues, and it said, “I am JEHOVAH RAPHA of the Old Testament – the Lord that Healeth thee. I am Jesus Christ of the New [Testament]. I took 39 stripes for your healing, and tonight I will heal you.” As soon as that was spoken, a young blind girl cried out, “I CAN SEE!!” She had been instantly healed AS THE RESULT OF A MESSAGE IN UNKNOWN TONGUES.
I knew a preacher who went into the hospital for heart surgery. While he was under anesthesia during surgery, he began speaking in other tongues. After the surgery was over, the surgeon, who was a foreigner, asked the preacher if he could make an appointment with him in his office. Later, the doctor came to the preacher’s office and told him that God had spoken to him through the message in tongues in his native language, and told him to obey whatever the preacher told him to do. The preacher preached Acts 2:38 to the doctor, and the doctor was converted.
The Baptism of the Holy Ghost is a SUPERNATURAL ACT OF GOD. There is NO OTHER WAy TO EXPLAIN any one of these stories apart from supernatural power. Nobody but Almighty God can make a person speak in a language that he or she DOES NOT KNOW, yet speak a perfectly Biblical saying that produces MIRACULOUS RESULTS. Devils can’t do that. Human ingenuity can’t do that. Nobody but God.