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Haman, the enemy of the Jews, cast the lot, the pur, to determine the most fortuitous day to destroy the Jews. The Best day to attack the Jews became the best day the Jews had in a long time and the worst day and last day for Haman and all his friends and family.

One might think they can manipulate circumstances to harm the people of God. They would be mistaken. Every day is a product of God’s creative work. If we operate in the faith of the God of the Day, every day can be a Day of the God of My Day.

God still blesses those who bless the children of Abraham and curses those who curse the children of Abraham.

By faith, we as Christians are the children of Abraham, and we can see a simple answer to this question, “If God is for us, Who can be against us?”

Focus on living in faith, and let God fight your Battles.

Good days and bad days are not determined by our enemies. God is the final arbiter. What looks like will be the worst day, in fact, often is the setup for God to show just how great His wisdom and plan work.

The Cross looked like the end of the road.

However, it really was the basis for the greatest victory.

You can’t lose if you live, walk, obey, and breathe in faith. Faith is the shield that quenches the fiery darts of the wicked and is, at the same time, the trophy case for all of our past, present, and future victories.

By Faith, I am a child of Abraham, and the Lord is my lot.

If God is for us, it matters not who or what may be arrayed against us.

To trust,
To rest,
To lean,

In Him, By Him, Through Him,