Seeds, Flowers, Fruit, Seeds

I did something I have never done. I bought a pack of sunflower seeds.
I planted them. I have watched them progress from seeds, to sprigs, to small and developing plants. Finally flowers and the beginning of seeds developing inside the flower. I went out of town for a few days and they went unwatered. I have gotten busy, and they went unwatered. The wind has blown and broke stems. My dog has been eating on them. I have seen various evidence of bugs eating leaves. I have also seen bees; honey, bumble, and other kinds of bees. I have been more times than not, diligent to weed, water, did what I could to brace them to stand, to heal from broken stems. This morning while meditating on the idea of sanctification, I see how this concept of seeds and the process of maturation has a perfect type in this process of a seed. The miracle in the seed. The miracle of the sun and the water. The miracle of flowers and the fruit. This is the Work of God. However, without my participation in planting, tending, caring for those simple seeds, there would be nothing for me to learn or enjoy from those seeds. Is this not true for every Work of God in our lives? The daily, care, watering, weeding, enjoying and watching the Work of God develop before my eyes.

Others have noticed when they have come in my backyard. I have never been one to plant seeds, grow flowers. I did it on a whim.

However, I think it was a prompting to learn some lessons from Him.

“The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed…”

If I continue to care for these simple flowers in a few months there will be thousands of seeds for me to harvest and next year I can plant many of them and also have thousands to spare to give to others so that they too can experience that same joyful experience. The Joyful experience that in so many ways mirrors the kingdom.

May God’s Work Grow in me,

In Him, By Him, Through Him,

Scott Phillips