The Human Will Can Be Like A Bulldozer

However, the path of blessing is not one we can create simply through force of will and personal genius. As believers, we recognize God’s will is the greatest blessings we can have and when we have a surrendered heart to him, he will work with us and help us experience what he deems best. Often times that does translate into things we would desire for ourselves.

However, when we try to do that from our reservoir of wisdom and strength, sometimes those things come very hard because we are going about them the wrong way.

If God let us have everything we want without his part in our lives, we might get to thinking we don’t need him and in the end, come to destruction.

Broken oftentimes is the position that gives us a chance to build again the right way.

The wise and foolish man.

We all have been the fool at times, but we don’t have to keep looking to God to be our Bail Out Program, However, when he does help us recover from loss, let’s build back from the ground up on the rock-solid wisdom found in leaning, learning and living by the Word of God.

One of the best things that have ever happened to mankind is when God will let us learn to lean on him by experiencing the tragedy of leaning on our own whims and ways.

Bulldozer Down is oftentimes the path toward seeing the God who gave us the amazing power of Human Agency to see great things accomplished. When we let him take control and set the priorities. Anything is Possible.