“The heavens declare the glory of God;” Psalm 19:1

New pictures from the James Webb Space Telescope have given us the ability to look deeper into a smaller part of the night sky.

The estimate on the number of stars before this telescope was 200 billion trillion stars.


This number is comparable to the number of grains of sand on the earth.

When you look out the window when you are near the ocean and look at the sand, that is just a very small percentage of the sand on the earth and a thimble view of how many stars are in the universe.

All of these stars, there is an order. As we see in our own Solar system, we see order so precise that we have a watch that keeps time to precision so great that we have no mechanical mechanism that can exactly track it.

If one is intellectually honest, this kind of order did not come from chaos or random chance.

There is a designer.
There is a creator.

That same designer/creator designed and created you. The majestic artistry that we find in our nature and the world around us, a hummingbird, rose, dragonfly, eagle, or lamb.

For all those still professing there is no God, they reveal themselves to be most foolish.