Abraham gives us a glimpse into so many wonderful principles of faith and the journey we all can expect in our own pursuit of following after God.

“Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness.” Romans 4:3

How long had Abraham believed before God made this proclamation of him?

His first call from God was in Genesis 12. God proclaims this to him in Genesis 15.

Abraham is the father of the Faithful. We read about his living, walking, following, and communing with God throughout His life.

Abraham mustn’t be just understood as the father of the Faith but the father of the Faithful.

Does righteousness come to us by faith?


Faith leads us to greater faith.  This growing faith is illustrated in faithfulness.  

I believe it is an obvious conclusion; faith that does not lead us to faithfulness is a tragic death of something special God intends.   God intends to be not just the author of our faith but also the finisher.  However, for faith to finish, you must be there for the finish.  

When people fail in the faith, it is not God’s fault.  God’s covenant is a relationship of his promise that leads us down a path of obedience.   

Glory, walking in that glory leads us to greater glory. Not our glory, but to behold the Glory of the Lord in our lives, hearts, and minds.

When you have been walking with God for three chapters, approximately 12 years, there are many mountaintop experiences where our “revelation” of God grows.

In fact, God reveals more and more to us about His nature.

Abraham illustrates the virtue and absolute connection that the path of sincere faith leads us to a greater and greater commitment to the covenant.

This path will lead us to greater sacrifice to demonstrate faith in God. God demonstrates a brighter and brighter promise at every altar of obedient worship.