The Jews.

There are less than two Jews in every thousand people in the world.

That stat holds true for the U.S. Historically, after the scattering of the Jews, they have always been a very small percentage of the people where they lived. The percentage of Jews in the US is comparable to how many were in PreWar Germany.
There is one Jewish person per thousand people. However, the Jews’ influence has always been outsized compared to their percentage of the population. You see this in the days of Joseph and Daniel and even in modern days.
As illustrated in scripture, the envy, and plots to destroy them continue into modern days.
Mordecai, Esther is a perfect picture of how the Jew always percolates to exert influence and simultaneously provoke great hatred for them.
The outsized influence is so undeniable that when someone points out this power and influence, it is interpreted as being anti-Semitic. I recognize it as an artifact of the ever-lasting influence of the covenant God has with Abraham and his progeny.
That influence and all-encompassing favor can be used for good or otherwise. Some, and maybe most, use it to improve the world. The Nobel Peace prize was awarded to 900 people, and twenty percent were Jews. Think of this, of those whose genius has benefitted mankind, 900 out of multiple billions of people, where the Jews are a minuscule minority, twenty-two percent have been Jews. The covenant promise of God to Abraham is still at work today. “and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” The specificity is interesting. Not all nations, but all families. This extensive list of industries, inventions, and influences is mind-boggling. Over twenty percent of the Billionaires in the world are Jews. While percentage-wise, only one out of every thousand is a jew, if you have all of the Billionaires in the world in a room, about two thousand, four hundred would be Jews. This elicits great envy and hatred today as it did in Bible days. What is the takeaway? There is something that speaks to a supernatural factor in their favor. What is it? It’s God. It’s an artifact in modern days that speaks to a promise God gave their great grandfather still at work. Don’t be a hater. Seek to be in covenant with that very same God. Not for the wealth, but to potentially be included in that list of people that will be a blessing to every family that has an opportunity to be influenced by you. It might not be money or scientific discovery. However, I promise you it can be in kindness, generosity, and being a witness that serving God has a blessing wrapped up inside of it. Sadly, many Jews today don’t even believe in the God of Abraham and what they create and promote is in direct contradiction to the faith of Abraham. That is tragic. However, the everlasting moral influence that came from Abraham is still living. From Abraham to Jesus Christ to every believer today in the Great God of the Bible, the blessing of serving God is a blessing that extends and flows to the next generation.
Just some thoughts this morning. Hitler Germany and pre-occupation with Purim. God still blesses those who bless the Jews and still curses those who curse them.