In my first birth, there were variables given to me I did not set. I did not pick my nose, ears, eye color, height, shoe size, skin color, parents, siblings, or origin. These were given to me through no choice of my own.

In my second birth, when I was born again, there are some things that I decide for myself. When it comes to the Kingdom of God,

The Devil can’t stop me.

I can pray for five minutes or two hours.
I can study the word of God as long as I want.
I can be as faithful as much as I desire.

The scripture says,
Covet earnestly the best gifts.
Whatever you ask, seek and knock for will be given.
Ye have not because ye ask not.

It is your father’s Good pleasure to give you the kingdom.
We have been given access to a whole set of variables that are self-determinative.

How much do you want to grow in God?
How much do you want to know about God?
How much spiritual strength do you desire?
How faithfully do you want to be to church?

How helpful do you want to be to those that are around you?
How big a blessing do you want to be?
How much do you want to give?
How much do you want to pray?
How supportive do you want to be to those who are your pastors/leaders/mentors and teachers?
“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” Matthew 5:6

Jesus said this..

“…the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.”

You can hold on as long as you want to.
You can overcome everything you pray about.

There is no limit to many things that are available to you. The question really comes back to you. How hungry for the kingdom of God and righteousness are you?

The promises in the kingdom are given to those who overcome. To those who press through. To those who are faithful in the face of trouble. To those who refuse to be stopped.

In the Kingdom of God, you can have a praise break in a prison.

In the Kingdom of God, you can have prophetic experiences while incarcerated on a prison island.