Musing about the United States and Abortion

 The biggest result of abortion in our culture, not counting the 60,000,000 babies killed, is the moral ambiguity of casual, meaningless sex. 

Pornography, Hollywood, Country, Rock, Hip Hop, and every secular music genre out there has been pushing consequence-free sex.

The slippery slope of ever-devolving definitions of “sexual” and “freedom” has brought us to the point that voices are now normalizing everything, including pedophilia. 

Pro-Choice is a term that means a woman can do what she wants with her body, specifically terminating a pregnancy and extinguishing a baby’s life in the earliest stages.

The real choice is moral purity and virtue. However, people can’t be bothered with that, so they act like animals in heat with little to no moral discipline or value.

Parents purchase clothes for kids at school age that shows as much as a prostitute would on the street because that is what the culture demands, sexualizing children. And parents, by in large, are as ignorant as their small children in moral discernment. The culture has been sexualizing everything from M&M’s to butter, not to mention beer and cigarettes, and the culture is completely ambivalent about the real dangers of the predatory nature of the spirit of our world.

The real choice is righteousness and virtue; our world has been arguing over football teams and political parties while generation after generation has been sacrificed on the altar of sexualized culture.

People have strong opinions about quarterbacks and point guards by don’t care about perversion and moral purity. Even the churches seem to talk more about sports than moral purity.

The demand for abortion, the desire to eliminate the natural result of sexual relations between a male and a female, was short-circuited. So the idea of consequence-free sex was the cause of an unimaginable body count. Sixty Millon Babies just in the U.S.

People rightly are repulsed at the inhumanity of Nazi Germany in the genocide of the Jews. 

Planned Parenthood was started by a woman named Margret Sanger, and the stated purpose was to combat the growth of the Black Community. Twenty Million black babies were a part of that pile of carnage. For Fifty years, meaning in real numbers, the U.S. has 60 Million fewer black Americans.   (Those children growing up having children.)

Margret Sanger’s goals for planned parenthood were accomplished and also thinned the ranks of every ethnicity in the name of immorality.

The indigenous tribes of cultures around the world sacrificed born babies to the gods of agriculture and fertility for thousands of years.

The United States has been sacrificing unborn babies to the gods of unbridled hedonism.

Over the summer, Churches, Cities, and Towns will burn, and no telling how many people will be murdered because now abortion, the killing of innocent life, will be a little harder. 

America ceased to be a Christian nation a long time ago, and the toll on it started with the murder of unborn children and has progressed into a rabid desire to corrupt and pervert all of those children who were born.

I pray American Christians could have a revival understanding of what morality, Christian morality is, and make a point to teach it to the children and protect them from the toxic/demonic moral sludge being pumped out by Disney, TikTok, Public Education, Federal Government and seemingly every big corporation.

I am glad the Supreme Court made a decision that will protect babies in some estates. Other states will be aborting babies to the very moment of Birth.

Just some thoughts this morning. 


Father, I pray that you would send a righteous revival of repentance to these United States of America.

I pray that the believers, those who do claim to believe in Jesus, would repent of the ambiguous attitude that has been had toward Holywood, Disney, and the music industry’s effect in corrupting children for generations. 

I Pray that parents would cease to send their children to Secular Colleges without preparing their kids to deal with the Anti-Christ logic and ideas and, maybe better, send them to Colleges that are not overtly Anti-Christ and rather Overtly Christian.

In Jesus Name