The Absolute Nature of Truth

This concept is antithetical to the “intellectual” mind. It is in the nature of thought/reasoning to accept things at face value. Scriptural faith requires a simplistic acceptance of absolute teaching. Why? Because the Bible says so.

This approach to scripture has been the distinctive approach of Apostolic People since the rebirth of the restorations movement.

Biblical Record and the actual teaching on this subject by Jesus and the Apostles.

Christian Practice was changed and therefore tradition was rejected.

Adult Baptism was by immersion.

Therefore sprinkling, pouring being called Baptism and done to children was rejected.

In Jesus Name, when it was realized that this was the formula, this was adopted and people were rebaptized in Jesus Name.

Speaking in tongues was the proof of the Spirit Baptism.

This approach has defined our stance on many things and no doubt there were more changes in tradition to line up with the actual written scripture.

This has defined our position on Men and Women in modesty, gender distinction, hair, jewelry, ect.

Why is it we have held on to these things as long as we have?

Because our thought leaders continued to hold these absolutist views and contrary voices have been squelched and outright rejected.

Our hope of maintaining our doctrinal distinctions hangs on this single nail.

We believe in the absolute inspirational nature of the written scriptures.

We hold these doctrinal truths to far outstrip the smartest and most intellectual voices that would seek to undermine the actual statements of scripture.

The greatest challenge that we face today, in my opinion, is the possibility our future thought leaders may give more credence and value to those whose foundational philosophy does not have the same absolutist view in scripture and hold doctrines that are in direct contradiction to Scripture.

Beware of the subtle nature of doubt that wraps itself in intellectual thought.

I believe intellectual thought is possible, but it is required that some things are absolutely settled in the scripture and from that basis, we must conclude and reason.

In all of our reasoning, we must be able to conclude to the questions we might entertain, “Because God Said So.” Where? “In the Scripture.”

We can see where the intellectualizing scripture leads by simply surveying modern Christianity and the absolute moral insanity that has been normalized and even promoted within the realm of acceptance in Christianity to the highest levels of leadership.