Thank God For the Word of God!

The Miracle of Inspiration.
The Miracle of Preservation.
The Miracle of Revelation.
So many miracles are exemplified in its existence.
So many miracles are possible by its testimony.
So many miracles are duplicated because of it’s being preached.

We Rejoice in His Name We Rejoice in His Power We Rejoice in His Blood
However, if not for His Word, we would know nothing of the other things.

John 1 tells us of the beginning of all things,
No doubt, in the END, the Word still stands.
What will get us through the middle course?
The Word.
Through the Valley.
One could make the case that all of the circumstances found in Psalms 23,
These things are made real, close, present and powerful through the Word.
How many times have we prayed Psalms 23?
Taken Comfort in Psalms 23?
Even at the end of life, most of our funerals will find Psalms 23 echo again even when we no longer inhabit these mortal bodies…. in the air, the sound around our corruptable bodies…
The shepherds word will be Spoken.
This truth is real from Genesis 1 to the last Amen in Rev 22.
There is a satellite traveling through space right now, launched at the end of 2021.

Its mission?
To see the Birth of the Universe. To see so far back in time … Billion of Light years away… It hopes to see to the beginning. If it were possible to hear the Beginning,
God said.

What kind of sound would that be?

IS it possible.. that the light of that original Word still is illuminating this moment right now?