Remodeling – Repentance

Something I wrote in 2016

 After living in our house for almost 13 years, I have built 25 houses, built one church building, and remodeled three other church buildings. Helped family members remodel houses, projects, paint…

I guess it was time to work on my house. I did not start out with “remodeling” in my mind…
We decided to replace our flooring (we had a dog in the house for five years that died.) The only way to remove the “memory” was to get the old flooring up.
So what started out as flooring progressed to countertops, then backsplash, painting wall’s in the kitchen, living room, painting cabinets, bathrooms, hallway, garage, building shelves… light switches, light plates, lights, fans, ..
When you put something new in, it reveals the need for change in everything around it.
Repentance, if a person will make room for it… repentance will spread because there is a growing understanding of the need for a Godly influence/restoration/healing… the progression of the holy influence.
Our thoughts, Our attitudes, our desires, our priorities, our goals, our dreams, what we value, what we love, and what we long for.
Jesus made this proclamation concerning His ability, His desire, and His will.
Revelation 21:5
And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.
How long has it been for you since you put some new God stuff in your life? Enhance prayer, increased study, extend outreach, build relationships with your family, and ministry connections.
Change, restoration, reconciling.. the older we get, the more we resist it.
Is it possible…
Though we preach it as a requirement to our church families… we preach it to those who want to be saved.. and we know we must continue repentance to stay saved……
Should we consider the possibility…
Sometimes we fail to see the need in our own lives … as men in the ministry… Do we fail to lead a life of ongoing repentance… renewal.
Every day can be a new day.