July 4, 2021

 This morning, my dad can’t come to church.

I know he wants to, but he’s just not well.
He would be here if he could.
My dad has lost his voice, and I know he would like to sing, if he could, he would.
My dad, can no longer worship as he could. I know he would if he could.
My dad has lived a life of being faithful to church, singing with his whole heart, worshipping with all his might and always talking about Jesus.
Today, he is shadow of himself, but I know what he would do if he could.
How do I know?
Because he did.
What we need in this generation is more people to do what they can. Those with strength, voice, might and heart to be willing to be one in the crowd to do what they can.
It’s not enough to shoulda, coulda, woulda…

But did you.

You don’t get credit for what you could do.
You get credit for what you did.

This morning in messaging with my Dad, I reflect on the fact that I know dozens of people that can do what my Dad can’t do, but they will not.

This morning, I am going to dedicate a little bit of my worship, prayer, praise in the stead of a man that did when he could.

I am going to do a little bit today because he can’t.

Rex Johnson was our pastor when I was a young boy.

He told a story of getting a call from a Warlock/Witch visiting town and wanted to come to church. He sent my Dad’s friend to pick him up and brought him to church.

This worshipper of Satan, I don’t know his motivation, but there he sat in the First UPC of Dallas. No one knew who this man was or what he was.

The song leader had them turn to the song in the Pentecostal Praises Hymnal, There is power in the Blood. Followed by some other Jesus Name, Blood of Jesus songs and before long the service was filled with praise.

The pastor told of how my father did something unique that night. He took out like he was going to run around the building, but instead, he began running in place, he then begin to run backward and then right beside this Devil Witch, my Dad began to run in place.

In short order, the Man jumps up and runs out of the sanctuary and the man who brought him went to check on him and he was cowering in the corner, jumps up and runs out the door.

As the man follows him out the man hollers back, “tell your pastor I am will not be back, there is too much power in your church.”

I remember those worship services. I remember those songs. I remember my father being that kind of worshipper.

He could be a worshipper.
He was a worshipper.
He is a worshipper.

This morning, I have a question for you.

Will you be what you can be?

In Service at church?
In devotion, while you drive down the road?
In faithfilled distinction while at work?

You could. But will you?

If someone did something in your honor, to mirror who you are, what would they do?