Written by Pastor Jayson Pagan

A sacrifice without the kidneys was unacceptable, incomplete, and denied by God.

In Hebrew thinking, the heart meant your life but the kidneys symbolized the inner stirrings of emotional life. This is the seat of the secret thoughts and the source of moral intents, discernment, and inspiration. In the Old Testament kidneys were seen as the core of the person and represented absolute vulnerability.

We cannot just arrogantly approach God, toss him our guilt and sin and say, “Here, forgive this one.” Throw the flesh on the altar but refuse to offer the kidneys. That’s not repentance. That is a wicked imagination and a proud and arrogant approach. It’s an abomination to the Lord.

The heart, mind, body, and soul must be submitted to Him out of love. Those kidneys, when burning, sent a “sweet-smelling aroma” up to the Lord.

Submit your inner stirrings.
Submit your passions and desires.

Give him the reigns of your secret thoughts and moral intents. This is true brokenness. This is genuine consecration.

There were times in the history of Israel when the Lord said “Your sacrifices are a stench in my nostrils!!” No kidneys!

It’s pride and arrogance and the Lord resists the proud.

And the Lord said, “I will turn the stench of your camp back into your own nostrils!”

He would allow them to multiply their transgressions so that the consequence would drive them into misery. They would still be “religious”, bringing their sacrifices every morning and their tithes every three days, but their sacrifices would be full of leaven and for this, he would hold back the rain from their fields.

He told them I gave you bread when others have gone hungry. I have kept you from locust while others have suffered. I have kept the arrow and the wild dog from devouring you. I have sent my angels to keep you. I have filled your vineyards with joy and given you my outstretched hand, and yet with all my kindness, you offer your sacrifice with no kidneys and with leaven. So, now I must allow all of these to come upon you!

He said to then “I am the one who formed the mountains and created the wind. I am the one who knows the thoughts and controls the light and the darkness, and yet, knowing this, you still offer this stench. Get ready to meet your God, he says. That you might humble your hearts again”.

Don’t play games with altars. Recognize who you are and who he is.

Turn your whole heart to the Lord. Don’t bring sacrifices without kidneys.