written by Jayson Pagan

I’m not talking about abortion; however, that’s a given.

The attitude is in the world.
The attitude can get into the church.

The body comprises hair, eyes, mouth, face, chest, hands, nails, private areas, legs, and feet.

What you do with it.
Where you take it.
How you handle it.
How you present it.
How you dress it.
What you put in it.
How you use it.

It’s not yours.
You lay it before God every day as a living sacrifice.
What you touch.
What you say.
What you watch.

To present gifts to it constantly is materialism.
To disregard sexual restraints is licentiousness.
To deck it with colors, make-up, jewels, and clothing that draws attention is vanity.
Making decisions to please is selfishness.
To accentuate and reveal its shape and form is lewdness.
To constantly desire another’s is lust.

It is your vehicle for his work.
It manifests your commitment and submission.
The condition of the mind shows up in the body.

Keep it clean.
Feed it the right stuff.
Guard its windows to the soul (eyes).
Use it to bring life (mouth).
Keep it pure (hands).
Tune it to the voice of God. (ears)
Keep it moving toward the Lord (praise & prayer), not the world (vanity and pride).
And keep it filled with the Spirit of God!!

You are a living epistle read of men!
What others see in, on, and through your body should demonstrate what is in the Word!

You are a living sacrifice! God takes your body and demonstrates to the world what is the Holy, acceptable, and perfect will of God.

You are dead, yet you live, but the life you now live, you live by the faith!

This is God’s temple.
It’s not your body.
It’s not your choice.
It used to be.
You are not your own.
You were bought with a price.

Use it to hold the Spirit of God.
Use it to pray.
Use it to walk in the Spirit.
Use it to not grieve or quench the Spirit.
Use it as a man altar, a portal between heaven and earth.

Serve God in your body.
Glorify God in your body.
It’s not yours; it’s His.