I was reminded of this joke.

How many charismatics does it take to change a lightbulb?   One, while three binds the spirits of darkness.

There has been a great controversy in our culture that many of us were first aware of because of events held at local libraries for most of us. For several years there would be a transvestite reading events at local libraries.   This sparked protests in cities around the world and a lot of angst has followed in many places where the event was highlighted by local leaders.

Something happened this past week.
Kirk Cameron was initially rejected by the Indianapolis Public Library for a public reading of recent books he wrote that are overtly Christian in nature.

They eventually gave him a small room to read, and the response became the largest crowd to come to that library system for a book reading.   Thousands showed up from the community.

While driving down the road, reflecting on this highlighted the importance of our focus transitioning from being frustrated and protesting to celebrating and advocating for what we value and treasure.

Thank God for those parents and the people of Indianapolis.   I pray that every community around the country would rally around the concepts of goodness and virtue.
I support everyone who will lift their voice and be counted in resisting the cultural rot promoted by our government, culture, and public schools.

Here is the story I read.