For over three months I have been teaching a series called, “It’s all about love.”   Through this, I have come to a renewed appreciation that the title of the series encapsulates the Biblical Narrative from Genesis to Revelation.

Everything that God has done toward mankind has been in search of those who would love Him.   A lot of heartbreak, however, God through his love and mercy redeems, saves, and sustains those who desire Him and his fellowship.

What a waste, every soul that perishes will perish in spite of the fact that Jesus died for the sins of the whole world.  Those who Go to hell will not go to hell for lack of the love of God, but for a lack of love for God.   Love for God is manifested in our response to His Word.

People say they love God, however, what and who they really love is very apparent.

Where your heart is, there your treasure will be.

God put His All into Flesh to save mankind.

His expectation in return is for us to demonstrate our love for Him by believing, embracing and obeying His Word.

The Bible is full of individuals that loved God a little bit, and this half-hearted effort was cursed by God.

Beginning with Cain, the narrative of half-hearted worship has been the source of folly for so many that were invited into full-hearted faithfulness.

The Blessings of God are only available to the fully devoted, fully committed, and completely dedicated.

Sadly today most “believers” have been deluded into believing that they can say words and have good intentions and that will seal the deal with heavenly bliss.   

I have no joy in disabusing them of this deception.  

If the Word of God is in fact true, and I believe it is, they will be so disappointed when they find out they believed a lie and will be damned.  Not for lack of sincerity, because many fully believe what they believe.  However, if you believe a lie, you will be damned.

God will take you as you are, but he loves you too much to bless you as you are.

 It’s All About Love # 13