Hezekiah was given this prophetic word, 

” Thus saith the Lord, Set thine house in order; for thou shalt die, and not live.”

This was not a judgment from God.  This was a God granting him a favor.   What a blessing to know your time is short so you can be sure everything is as good as it can be for those you leave behind?

Many people never get to say goodbye.  Hezekiah is a blessed man who God loved.  God showed him a special favor, “Hey buddy, you’re coming to my house; get your house ready for your absence.”

Here is a question I asked myself today, 

Is my house in order?

Is my heart right?

 If I died today, am I ready to meet God?

These are a few answers to questions I ask myself.

I have no bitterness toward others and have forgiven all.

I know no one I need to apologize to; I will if I need to.

Do I want to die today? No. I have a lot to live for, and I have the desire to be a blessing.  1st Grandbaby is coming. 

How many people live with the acid of bitterness in their hearts or the angst of wrongs unapologized for, sin unrepented of, and have not yet made peace with God or others?  What a waste.  

Why not get ready to die so that you can live in peace and true hope rather than escape or distractions from your personal angst and pain? 

What is the downside of setting your house in order and getting your heart right with God if you’re not about to die?


The upside is you can live in peace and purpose rather than escape and distractions.