Is Grace Unmerited Favor?   Yes, however that is an understatement.

Grace is unmerited favor.  Like water is wet.

However, Grace is everything that God does toward us individually and humanity as a whole.

From the careful forming of Adam from dust

From breathing into that formed thing the breath of life

From the daily walks in the garden, 

To the ever-unfolding calling, drawing, reaching, convicting, teaching, leading, correcting, 

The goodness of God that leads you to repentance

It’s the spirit of God that brings you to the waters of Baptism

It’s the power in the Name of Jesus, when we are buried in that wonderful name and our sins are washed away, 

To maybe the greatest favor we will receive or experience on this earth, 

The Baptism of His Holy Spirit, 


And that Spirit of empowerment, fellowship, at onement, all that this Holy Spirit Gift does throughout our life.

In A Word, Grace.

A Word can Paint a Thousand Pictures.

Or a Million Pictures. 

Captured, Bound, Wrapped, Filled and constrained by Grace,

In Him, By Him, Through Him, 

Scott A. Phillips