This was written by someone else, but I think it is worthy of your thoughtful consideration.   

I did no attribute because it was posted on a private group.

 Psalms 115:16 (KJV) “The heaven, [even] the heavens, [are] the LORD’S: but the earth hath he given to the children of men.”

My Precious Brethren, every four years of US elections some of our brethren tell us that whoever gets elected is “whoever God wanted in there.” At times this has troubled me, and I would like for us to do a little thoughtful considering. Some of this I have posted elsewhere as a comment on a post by a wonderful Brother.
There are numerous examples in Scripture where people did not do the will of God. There are clear examples in Scripture where someone took the throne by subterfuge, treachery, and dishonesty when it absolutely was not the will of God and violated God’s will.
E.g Athaliah slaughtering the seed royal (her own grandchildren) and stealing the throne. Did the High priest fight the will of God then by removing her after 7 years and having her executed? Should he have accepted her wicked treachery as the will of God, welcomed her, and pledged to work with her in unity?
Do you not believe the wrong person can ever be voted in as pastor of a church, head of a District or as a District official, or even a national leader? Do you believe every official and pastor in our organization voted in was God’s will? Do you think God cares and is more watchful over political leaders than he is over His own Body, the Church?
Many times God allows us mortals to make choices, then reap the consequences of our choices. Both in Israel, and then Israel and Judah, not everyone who came to the throne was who God wanted there. One died after 2 days because he killed the king and stole the throne. Abimelech was not God’s will. Gideon refused to rule as king. Abimelech wanted it and killed all of Gideon’s sons but one who God protected. Abimelech destroyed those he ruled and in the process destroyed himself. None of that was the will of God, and God promised them what the results of their wrong direction would be.
We all know pastors or leaders who were voted in who should not have been. It was not God’s will, and spiritually sensitive people knew it.
If a man has been part of the most anti-Christ, anti-Israel, most pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ administration in history, and he and his running mate personally were responsible for the unjust incarceration of hundreds of thousands of minority men and women, should we welcome that and promise to work together in unity?
When a new president vows to immediately eliminate gender distinction in restrooms and gym shower rooms in every public school, in every restroom in every government building, and every public restroom in America, not allowing any separation or distinction between male and female, that is a big problem. When he appoints a transgender individual to oversee, implement, and enforce this policy, and orders the new attorney general to work together to order this, that is not an individual with a sane, rational, normal mind.
That is someone controlled and under the influence of the most vile, depraved, wicked demonic spirits. A VP that sued nuns to force them to pay for insurance that provided abortions, and introduced legislation to try to make it illegal for any religious group or entity (including churches) to exclude LGBTQ individuals from filling any position or roll on their organizational, church, or religious school staff.
Yes we are to pray for leaders and those in authority. We are also to battle in Spiritual warfare against “principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
I believe I will not be here, but for my Brethren that plan to be here to greet the antichrist, do you plan to write him letters of welcome? Should we promise to pray for his success and pledge to support him and work with him in unity in all areas where we can? Scripture does not say he will be “put in there by God”, but rather that he will gain the kingdom by flatteries and his power will come from the dragon.
I love you Brethren intensely and am so grateful that God has allowed me to be in the Body and work together. Especially for the privilege of serving in ministry in the church. I write this in love with absolutely no animus toward anyone, but from my heart I feel these are some things we need to think about.