I go to a community Bible study with about 40 men every Tuesday.
Methodist/Baptist/Presbyterian/Episcopal/Not affiliated/not attending church.
Mostly methodist.
Two of them were complaining about people not abiding by their book of discipline. Almost every one of them, their father/grandfather/uncles were Methodist preachers/bishops.
One man said, “Why would you want to be a methodist if you are a homosexual and or want to marry homosexuals when our book of discipline forbids it?”
I made the following point.
Granted, I know these men and have been there every week for a few years.
“I am a part of a group that came from the methodist/holiness movement. We still debate skirt length, long hair and other specific Biblical issues of holiness, modesty and gender distinction.
I am so thankful that we are debating issues written in scripture that for some it would seem to be minor/unimportant things.
The Bible teaches long hair on women and short hair on men. The Bible teaches men and women should live, dress and act differently.
I am glad we debate this.
What if Christianity had continued to teach and debate long hair and the length of dresses?
Would they be debating homosexuality and transgenderism, if they had taught biblical roles, responsibilities, and apparel for men and women?”
At that moment, there was clarity and there was a moment of understanding.

A few years ago, Bruce Jenner
claimed to be a woman. Do you know what he was wearing? Long hair and a dress. What does it say about Christianity when a perverted man has a better understanding of what a woman should look like than Christians?
“I thank God we are debating Biblical issues.”
Every last man was stunned.

“I thank God we are debating Biblical issues.”
Holiness, Modesty, Gender Distinction
These were values that were a celebrated commonality among almost every Christian Denomination.
Is it any wonder that these values are not reflected or even debated on any level in every group that is grappling with the Transgender/Homosexual Agenda.
When you cease to grapple with “little” things, in short order BIG THINGS are debated and the slide is revealed in the stark darkness and blindness in the hearts of “believers” because the Pulpit has been silent on these issues for fear of being offensive or being misunderstood.
We need a Revival of Repentance in the Pulpits across this country and start speaking to the issues of Biblical gender distinction in response to the absolute assault on the family, children, Biblical
Marriage and the binary of God’s creation.
Genesis 1:27
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.