I can see the future.

The future is split into two different options.

One where we spend eternity with our savior and be free from the darkness of this present reality. The joy will be so much more rapturous and completely free from this current reality’s stress, pain, fear, and doubt.

The other is so much more pain and free from the hope of less pain, fear, and doubt—eternal torment.

How do I see these? Through the lens of the Word of God.

A brighter future is paved by selflessly choosing to bless those who curse me, forgive those who wrong me, help those who can’t or won’t help me, and pray for those who have cursed me.

To be humble rather than proud.
To be submitted to God, rather than resist and rebel against his plan.
To surrender my preferences to His divine call.

How, you might ask, how could one do things that are contrary to our human nature?

That would require a total rewiring of the elemental system of human nature, right?

Jesus described this as being born again of the water and the spirit.

To inherit the Kingdom of Light for eternity, we must turn from our selfish, suspicious, critical, and doubtful instincts.

In a word, Repent. Turn away from those things that previously defined me and turn to God and seek His ways.

Again, the only way this is attainable is through this elemental moment of being born again of Water and Spirit.

Being Born Again gives you access to this kingdom of light.

Eternal joy in the presence of God.

However, if you are never born again for whatever reason, you will inherit that place where the night never ends and hope is vanquished forever.

How do I see these two futures?

The Word of God paints these two pictures.

One is glorious is majesty. The other is horrible without imagination.

Jesus paid the price for our access to this through the Adoption into the Family of God. Jesus, by His own blood, and being baptized by His own Spirit. The end result is a glorious place in Heaven with Him.

However, if we fail to surrender our right to be driven my self. Self will, opinion, attitudes, bitterness and anger.

We are sowing into our future the seeds of eternal damnation.

However, by turning to Jesus Christ, seeking to obey His Word daily, we place our hands into the hand of God, and He will lead us all the way home.

Forever. With Him.

What a hope. I hope you will choose Jesus and His ways and will over your ways and will.

The blessings will never end.

Joy forever more.

Choose Jesus.

As Jesus modeled for us just before he died for our sins.

“Not my will, by thine be done.”

When we let God have his will in our lives, we will inherit the wonders of eternity he is preparing for those who love and look for Him.