Grace is demonstrated as everything God does in his relentless pursuit of the soul of each individual. From the moment he proverbially leaned over Adam and breathed into him the breath of life, till this day, God is stretching, reaching, leaning, drawing the souls of mankind to salvation and greater purpose.    

“But you would not.”   That is sadly the epitaph of too many people.  

For all that God does, far too many could not be bothered to consider what God desires from them.  

“But you would not.”

Even those who consider themselves saved, sometimes hold themselves in a perceived static place … not desiring to progress, improve, or be purified.   In fact, they would be offended that someone would suggest God is not satisfied with old obedience and yesterday’s sacrifice.  

Like the foolish virgins, they think maintenance is enough when fullness is required. 

because ye would not be obedient unto the voice of the Lord your God.”

God is calling out.

God is drawing you to a closer place.

God has prepared so much more for you.

However, you must be willing to be obedient to His voice.

If you will not be obedient and follow, 

If you will not be obedient to surrender to His will, 

Though he desired to pour out blessings and favor, a response of disobedience, resistance and delay does not come with no expense.

Where blessings were intended, curses will come.

Where favor was hoped for, trouble and strife will follow.

Where joy and peace would be been a reality, distress and emptiness will be your reward.

Disobeying God comes at a much higher price than obedience ever would be.

Let me challenge you today, obey, follow and heed the call of God upon your life for faithfulness, service, and giving.