God is Faithful to you. Will you be faithful to Him?

God’s faithfulness is without dispute.  What many struggles with is reflecting that faithfulness back to God.

God blesses us continually, but will we bless him in return continually?  

God has proven his love by his willingness to give all that he was/is to suffer and die for our sins and save us from damnation.   Are we willing to live for God in the midst of temptation and difficulty?   To perfect holiness and live in sanctification as a reflection and honorific devotion of his amazing grace given to us

If you say you love God and yet are unwilling to be faithful in devotion and commitment; that is a delusion.

People will draw close to God when they need something, and drift away when the pressure lifts.   They are not fooling God, but rather themselves.   God is giving everyone every reason to live for him, however, they will be without excuse when judgment comes.  

Here is my challenge to you.

God is faithful to you.

Be Faithful to God.  The dividends and benefits are far-reaching in every measurable quotient.  

In Faithfulness, you will discover the depth and breadth of God never seen by those who splash around in the shallows of occasional fellowship.

You can be faithful, worshipful, and a witness to the Spirit of God in you if you really want to.   How?   It begins with a sincere desire and hunger to live a life that honors God.   That desire will birth a living prayerful dialogue that extends past a short prayer and becomes a constant mindful communication with the Lord.

Let 2021 be a year where we reflect the Faithfulness of God.