A member of the church of satan was asked why he chose this as the object of worship.

The response was quick and without hesitation.
I found faith and religion that I could pursue my own purpose and self-interest. I could do and say what I please with no repercussions.

When I heard this, I was reminded how Christianity, by twist and error, has morphed into this same sort of religion for many.

A Christianity without repentance requires no distinction between the saint and sinner in practice or in attitude and pursuit.

The first lie the Serpent hissed was, “God will not judge you for doing what you want to do.”

That lie has become a mantra for Christianity.

“Come as you are.” With the unspoken, “Stay as you are.”

Faith without repentance.
Goals without Godly Priority.
Life without sacrifice.

These three principles in modern Christianity would appeal to the person mentioned above.