Don’t miss the forest for the trees.

Don’t miss the mechanics in desiring the product, however without the mechanics, there is no product.

Being born again, obeying Acts 2:38, is the mechanism, the mechanics, the engineering that produces the product.

However, the product and the promise is what everyone needs. It’s what Jesus came to do, to impart peace, give joy, lift the heavy burden of sin, and pour out the holy spirit of his promise.

The apostles went everywhere teaching people the mechanics and the principles with the promise as the reward.

Faith, to believe, even to the point of obedience, repentance, surrender of our will

However, these things are foundational in which God’s power and glory would be revealed.

In the tabernacle in the Old Testament, there were dimensions, materials, routines implemented,

All of this was done so that something else could be brought.

No matter how glorious the arc of the covenant was, the ark of the covenant was not the intended product. If it was, why was it hidden?

The purpose of all that you see in the tabernacle plan was to produce the requirements for God‘s intended purpose.

That he could dwell among his people and show them his presence.  

God has given us simple directions to experience this reality.  By studying and learning, living and obeying the Word of God, the resulting virtue and blessing is glorious.   

I tell new believers to learn and live the principles of Jesus, those he taught in Matthew chapters five through seven.   These principles lived out will sow the seed that bring forth the harvest of righteousness, peace, and joy.