How much of what we think about others has to do with what others have said and not what we have personally experienced… however it can easily feel personal when it is nothing more than an evil report.

With that in mind, we should watch our mouths. And Guard our Ears.

I was in a conversation with someone the other day and they mentioned a person’s name. I noticed my internal reaction and in a few moments asked myself the question, “Why do you feel that way?”

The answer was, “They have been in conflict with someone I know.. but I really don’t know the facts or circumstances around that conflict.” I immediately realized the folly.

Just because someone is in conflict with someone I know, does not mean that I have to be in conflict or choose a side. People have the right to disagree with someone I know, without me feeling the need to choose sides. Let little boys and girls fuss. Don’t fight other people’s battles.

Everyone has had someone they offended and hurt their feelings. That does not mean that they are bad people all the time to everybody. Give others the credit you give yourself.

Doubt has one positive connotation.

It is when we give others the benefit of it. Don’t believe everything you hear about other people. Just take a deep breath. Give others the right to be human. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Be quick to forgive.

Slow to Anger.

Slow to Speak.

Love Always.