In every situation, faith is a choice. Even when doing something good and righteous, we must choose to exercise faith. Ritual, habit, obligation will rob you of the fullest benefit. No doubt, thank God for ritual, habit, and obligation that will keep us doing right when faith has left the building.

One of the greatest virtues that will keep you is a little ugly word called duty. However, duty alone will not connect you with peace and joy. The prodigals elder brother was dutiful, however, he lost sight of who he was and what he had. Why? Because he lost sight of his purpose, position, and promise.

Did he need to work in the field? Yes.
However, an understanding of our purpose will help us do what we do with joy and peace.
You can be in the right place, yet not going anywhere.
Not unlike sitting in your car with the engine off.
Don’t stop being and doing. Just add faith to the equation. Remind yourself why it matters and you will experience greater joy.
Without faith, you are just going through the motions without going anywhere of note or accomplishing anything of meaning. Like the power button on your car, when you exercise faith all of the systems come on and you are ready to do as Paul said,

For in him we move, live, and have our being.

Faith is engaging the power button in our life of faith.

Engaging our faith in everything we do,

In Him, By Him, Through Him,

Scott Phillips