The question was asked, “Why do you believe in God?”

This is my answer.

I have experienced the reality of God.   I have seen prayers about impossible things answered.   I have felt the undeniable close encounters of the supernatural.   I have a testimony of my water and Spirit Baptism.  Through life, living according to the word of God, the formula and principles given has given me an appreciation of the wisdom and power found in Jesus Christ.  

It no doubt requires me to put myself after others, and specifically putting God and his principles above my personal desires, however, I have found that what Jesus taught us in how to live gives results that could only come by the grace of God.

When I was born again, I went from believing in God to know a reality that was never available to me as simply a believer.

If you would give God a chance, thirty days as a seeker of God and put all your doubt aside for thirty days, 

In thirty days you could tell me why you believe in God. 

If you would like to know how to best give God this thirty-day test, contact me and I will help you experience the beginning.  How to go from believing in God to knowing him through being born again.

Scott Phillips