Decree and Declare has no Power if you don’t repent and obey.

We can live a life that God will bless us, even if we don’t pray for blessing.

We can live a life that God cannot bless even if we pray for blessing.

God honors those who honor him in word AND deed.

God’s favor comes to us when we live our lives in a way that honors what God honors and avoids, stops, and is a witness for Him.

Jesus, could not save his own people because they rejected him. Did Jesus want to save? Yes. Why did he not? Because they loved darkness and their wicked deeds. In short, they loved their sins to much to accept being saved from them.

They rejected Jesus.

Jesus can’t bless those that reject the call to walk/live and be a light of righteous conduct, thoughts, and words.

The greatest thing we can do for our lives is to be sure we are living in a way that is obedient to the Word of God. Further, that we read/study to learn what pleases God.

If we walk/live/think/speak in a way that honors God,

My prayer for you is that God would help you discover the way of righteousness and walk in that way.

Jesus warned us, “Many will come in that day and pray, Lord Lord did we not…” Jesus declared, Depart from me ye that work iniquity.

Calling Jesus Lord means nothing if our lives don’t represent that he truly is Lord and changes the way we live our lives.

Here are some observations and truths about repentance. “Repentance

The change of heart or mind involved in repentance will always entail a change of direction inwardly and outwardly. It always includes turning FROM sin and our going away from God and rebellion against God. It always also includes turning TO God and His right ways.

Some turn away FROM bad habits or certain sinful practices because of the trouble they cause but do not turn TO God to follow Him in faith and obedience, making Him Lord or master of their lives. That is reformation, but not repentance.

Some turn TO God, desiring to receive the benefits, but do not turn FROM their sin. That also is not repentance.

Our turning From self and sin in repentance comes from recognition of the wrongness of the direction we have been going. a sorrow or shame, a desire to not continue in that direction. It is Faith or recognition that God’s ways are right and true, and the desire and determination to go in that direction from this point forward.

The most wonderful thing about repentance is it is a step of obedience in response to faith in the atoning work of Christ. When I repent in faith the full power of all Christ did for me on the Cross becomes a reality and is actualized in my life.

It is critical for us to understand that the sacrifice at dedication of the brazen altar, though met with miraculous power, was not a one-time event. It had to be followed with the daily sacrifice and special remembrances and re-dedications. Their straying always began with failure here.

Likewise, repentance for us is not a one-time event. Jesus said in Luke 9:23-25 that if we would follow Him we must not forget the daily sacrifice. Daily we must deny ourselves (in Japanese “throw ourselves away”), take up our cross, and follow Him.

We Pentecostals so often fail in teaching and following the daily sacrifice renewal of repentance.

If we do not crucify our flesh daily, it will surely rise up again. It is far better to believe, preach, and focus on what the Bible says, rather than reading into it and focusing on, and building doctrines around things it does not say.

If I daily renew my self-denial and taking up my cross that is enough. During my hours of sleep, I am not engaged in any “cross-carrying” or dying to self. These are conscious choices and acts made both inwardly and outwardly. These are things I consciously choose and do. So with a new day, I need to renew my conscious commitment if I am going to walk with Jesus into the new day.”