Dancing on the frozen mountain pass

On a mountain road with ice and snow, the Highways were closed. No doubt about the frustration of those traveling down said road.

However, situations determine where we are; we decide what to do when the road is closed, and we are stuck on a mountain road.

Will we complain and sit in frustration? Will we rest and think about what catastrophe we were saved from?

Will we take this unplanned pause and think about all the blessings that have brought us this far up the mountain.

Can we think that in short order, the ice will melt, the road will close, and we will fully appreciate what would have been routine. Going up and down a mountain.

I might embrace the moment and dance.
For some, it’s a road closure.
For others, it’s a dance break.

You decide.

There are many things I can’t control, but I can control myself.