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Calvinism – Reformed Christianity


Christianity is a shattered world of distinct and different beliefs.   Under the flag of Christianity there are many subdomains of identification.

After the Council of Nicaea, 

From a historical point of view up to 1054 Christianity in general fell into one designation, Catholic.

In 1054, there was a split between Catholic / Orthodox.   The schism was around the authority of on man to rule Christianity with a God like authority.  The Pope and the Deep State of Religious Authority dominated the Kings/Kingdoms.   For the most part, you can’t separate Catholic History from Western Civilization.  That is Historical Christianity up to 1054.  

In 1054, the great schism, the split between these two, Orthodox played out in a East/West paradigm that resulted in competing doctrines and and Holy Objects.

The Catholics Worshipped Idols, let me rephrase that, worship Idols, Graven Images, Pray to and give offerings to with a fervent belief.   To this day people make pilgrimages to weeping / bleeding statues.   Or so it is believed.  Some of those phenomena have turned out to be overflowing toilets to pure magic of a hidden magician.  

The Easter Orthodox rejected this form of Idolatry, however they refer and almost to the point of deification sacred painting, Icons, which they pray toward, helping them access the saints, Mary and Jesus.

In Catholicism you have the Pope and the 1,000 levels of holiness in the vatican, dressed in scarlet/purple/white, wearing robes, crowns involved in all sorts of “holy ceremonies.”

About 500 years go by and the great Schism happens.

In 1517 Martin Luther, a Catholic Priest is absolutely repulsed by the latest doctrines and fund raising efforts of the Catholic Church.   They are selling people permission slips to commit sin and for money buying and selling salvation.

Luther Nailing the 95 thesis to the door of the castle church in Wittenberg.

Medici Pope Leo X issued the Papal bull that threatened Martin Luther with excommunication unless he recanted 41 of his 95 theses. 

Remember, the Pope in Catholicism is seen as sitting in Christ Seat and had ultimate Authority.

Luther Burned with Fire this Pope Declaration.

What does this have to do with Calvinism?

Calvinism came about in a time after Luther created where in the eyes of the world the Catholic Church had lost legitimacy and the excess and Evil that had been excused, people begin to see how flawed it was.

The other significant Force that created this environment of liberation from the iron fist of Catholicism was the Printing Press.

This multiplied the availability of the common man to be able to read the Bible in their own language.

Remember, Catholic Worship Preaching was done in Latin.  In a language that was long dead, so only the Catholic Priest could read/study and understand for the most part.

It was illegal for someone to own a Bible.

The Catholic Church martyred hundreds of people who were fervently trying to translate and print Bibles.


We can see now, much of what the Catholic World believed at that time, and even today has very little to do with what the Bible says, but springs from Tradition.


This is maybe one of the most evil things that happens in the world of religion in relationship to the worship of the One true God.

Tradition chooses to believe other sources/individuals/institutions over and above what the Bible actually says.

It was from Catholic Tradition that Luther and the later reformers rejected.

The Big flaw in the reformation is that they chose different parts of Catholic Tradition to hold on to and reject other parts.

A beloved term that is hallowed in the halls of Reformed Christianity Seminaries and whispered with holy utterance is this term, “Historical Christianity.”

At every turn when the scripture declares a thing that is contrary to the talking points of the stated doctrines of their denomination and hallowed historical figures, one must honor historical christianity over and above what the Bible Actually says.

I have heard it over and over in podcast, sermons, lessons and read it in the pages of the books they right.   

These brilliant students of scripture will be discussing a particular passage that seems to disagree with the Dogma of the Reformed, and they will give Historical Christianity a higher placement of Authority than Scripture.

I know some will take issue with this, but let me relate to you a summarized story to make this point.