“But from the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female.” Mark 10:6

Biblical truth exposes the insanity of an antiscience, anti-biology, and anti-christ culture.

God made us physically unique with strengths and weaknesses that each compliments the other, that together a man and a woman in marriage becomes a whole. Two become one flesh.

This basic creative reality is experienced by every boy and girl that has ever been born into a home with a loving mother and father.

This was God’s original plan, and when people pursue this reality, this is the basis for a happy life and children that will prosper in the best situation.

Undoubtedly, the human will can overcome all challenges faced by the reality that our world is broken. We are not cursed to replicate our history or family tree. In the same way, a person can be born with the best parents with all kinds of goodness around them and grow up and end up in the streets and prisons.

All of this does not negate the fact men and women are valuable and a blessing to the other. In an even greater manner when each function in those areas that play to their strengths.

When men and women do these things together, little boys and little girls have the best chance to grow up and be a credit to their families, communities and the world at large.

Anyone that plays down this reality is deceived and seeking to deceive others.

Righteous privilege is the best blessing a parent can give their children.

For those who are raised without this, the best pursuit they can engage is to live a life to provide for their kids what they were not given.

By the grace of God, no matter how broken your history is, the mercy and provision of God can take where you begin and multiply it to your good.

Biological Differences