Bold confidence in what you know is founded when you trust the source of your information. There should be no more confident boldness found than believers in Jesus Christ.

“He that believes on me, as the scripture says, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.”
John 7:38

There is a validation for the believer that is anchored in the Bible. The more they believe in scripture, the stronger their faith in Jesus becomes, and vice versa.

Some may not grasp that God’s intent was for believers to be as bold in kindness, mercy, forgiveness, and generosity.

No doubt, God desires us to be vocal and bold in the realm of faith and evangelism.

However, this should be intertwined with a reputation of kindness and mercy.

Jesus said hard things. True. Even offensive.

However, I suggest he was famous for healing, feeding, forgiving, eating with sinners, and demonstrating a heart toward those the “religious” world would condemn.

It brings to mind,

“People don’t care what you know till they know how much you care.”

Jesus proclaimed that the world would know us by one characteristic. Love.

Of course, we are so good at highlighting what we like and ignoring things that are a little more challenging.

The image of Christianity is the cross of Crucifixion in which Jesus died and shed His blood for the sins of the world.. No greater message.  God’s love and mercy for you.

We should be sure that while we are compelled to propagate our doctrines, we must be sure we are motivated by the spirit of meekness and grace Jesus demonstrated to give us these doctrines.

Jesus loves you. I love you.

Let’s be sure that this is firmly settled in the minds of those that hear us.