If you want to love America more, go ride in a uber and listen to those non-Americans thankful for what Americans call poverty… it’s wealth where they come from. Freedom is riches.

The impoverished in America have the luxury, food security, and options for a better life that the most privileged in the rest of the world Covet.
If you or someone in your family don’t love America for what it is, in all of its shortcomings… America at its worst is better than most of the world at its best.
Freedom and the ability to rise above your circumstances are available. However, like everything, it’s up to the individual to work hard, be honest, and keep doing what is right.
Those that think the Government or rich owe them something… would be blessed to go live in one of these places for a few weeks.
Maybe we need a government program called, Freedom awareness.
Require all High School students to spend two weeks in a country that represents the medium of the human experience in the world.
Let them experience the heat.
Let them see the poverty.
Let them smell the desperation to survive.
I think that might help some of them to make the most of what is available to live in these United States of America.