Big Little Miracles.

In our process of making repairs to our building, when summer arrived we found two units not cooling. So someone came out and told me, One needs to be replaced, the other might be able to be repaired. The one that needed replacing was a five ton. A few days after being told that a minister I met through Purpose institute had told a minister in our church he wanted to come by the church and service our units, just to be a blessing. So he came and did that. I told him, “We really need a three ton unit priced right.”
He said, “Well pastor, there is a fairly new Trane 3 ton in our shop and my boss wants to sell it.” $250 was the price if I remember right. We got that installed, looks brand new. Praise God.
Turned out the five ton could not be repaired, so we need a five ton unit. So on Wednesday night I tell the Church, “We really need the Lord to do for us on this five ton unit what he did with the three ton unit.” We prayed.
Next day about 9 o’clock in the morning, I get a call from a young man who just called because I was on his mind. (Who by the way does AC work) I ask him, “We really need a five ton unit, do you know anyone that may have one at a good price?” He says, “I was in the shop of an AC friend and he has almost brand new 5 ton for $400, and I can put it in for you.”
So, this week in the old building that we lease out, a 3 ton unit is not cooling… and it needed to be replaced. He calls me back and says, I can’t find any good deals, a new unit installed will be $1,700. I tell him, “Let’s just wait till tomorrow and I will pray.”
That night I pray. I tell the Lord, “You did it twice in the past few weeks, Lord you can do it again.”
He call’s me back at 8:30 and says, “Hey pastor, did you pray?” I said, I did absolutely pray. Well I found a practically brand new unit at the supply house for $300.
Now, this is three unplanned expenses. However instead of costing us $7-10K dollars, it cost us in total with parts and installation/freon about $2K.
My little reminder,
“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”
Philippians 4:6