What a wonderful 1st Sunday of 2023.

From the first moments of the service, where Sis Veronica joined and finished “AMEN”
The songs, It’s a new season, I can’t even walk without you holding my hand, The Goodness of God. So good.
Bro Ryan Williams exhorting the word of Challen
ge to forget those things in the past and press forward to those things in the future.
Bro BJ Randall challenging us to believe and act like what God has declared we are. You are the Salt. You are the Light. Because of Jesus Christ and what he has already done for us and given us, made us, we don’t need to wait any longer. We simply need to be and do what we are already made and able to do.
Finally, God is. Yesterday, Today, and Forever!
The season of prayer that followed.
IF you missed it, do yourself a favor and take an hour and listen, pray, sing, worship, and soak in the Word of the Lord from this incredible service.
Join us Wednesday!